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Toronto Weekends – Brunch, Brunch, Brunch

Last week, I went to brunch four times. That is too many times for someone who is unemployed. Before you judge me, however, or assume I’ve won the lottery, please note that my fridge was broken. The only solution was to dine out for every single meal. I know. Sounds terrible, right? Just kidding it was the best thing ever. In my foodie-frenzy I discovered three sweet brunch locations that you should check out if you’re in Toronto.

The Grapefruit Moon

This cute café is around the corner from my house and their “Vegan Morning” brunch is delicious! It’s a flavourful, melty-Daiya cheese, tofu scramble with a huge side of home fries and toast. The decor is vintage and cozy with a dash of female boxing paraphernalia, which is somewhat unexpected, but who doesn’t love celebrating bad-ass female athletes? The staff were also smiley and friendly, which is always a plus.

Grapefruit Moon Brunch

KOS Diner

This diner reminds me of Seinfeld. I went here for brunch with friends on New Years Day. We sat at our table for hours playing checkers in a hungover state and they just kept the ice-water coming. They also happily adapted their “Veggie Wrap” into a vegan wrap for me. I don’t know if they had all the men hidden in the back but the staff was all-female, which was kind of cool. They are champs at running a sweet, homey diner.

KOS brunch

Pow-Wow Café

This place was really unique. Pow-Wow is located in Kensington Market and serves up gigantic tacos Ojibwe-style. That is to say, their tacos are served on the most amazing bannock I have ever tasted. The space itself has a bit of “hole-in-the-wall” feel, which I personally liked. The furniture was mismatched and the kitchen was pretty much a guy with a BBQ in the middle of the restaurant. He was wearing the most intriguing spectacles. It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for something other than your classic bacon and eggs brunch. I almost forgot to mention they adapted their vegetarian taco into a vegan taco at my request. All my pals stuffed their faces with the classic beef option but my taco was so giant and satisfying I definitely didn’t feel left-out. Thanks Pow-Wow!

Pow-Wow Brunch

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    I can’t wait to spend a weekend or two with you and yours and trying some of these great opportunities.

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