Toronto Weekends – Luna Café

Luna Cafe bowling pin

Luna Café on Dovercourt in Toronto is probably one of the most quaint, hole-in-the-wall breakfast places ever. I ended up there on a rainy Sunday morning, two weeks ago, with my bestie Grace. It was her recommendation. An attempt to redeem herself from a recent failed brunch experience. Let’s just say Das Lokal did not deliver when it came to vegan options. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Anyways, after a night that involved several lobsters, an anomalous stripper and unusually good gin, we required sustenance. We set out for something to eat in the grey rainy city. Grace led the way to Luna Café. It looked like an abandoned corner store from the outside. The foggy windows had the remnants of scratched-off paint near the top. I imagine some kind of banner ad that read “One Stop Shop” or “Local Grocer” used to be there.

The Vibe…

A cozy restaurant with a tiny open kitchen awaited us on the other side of the door. I would guess Luna seats no more than 30-40 people. All the staff we’re kind of whimsical-hippie-ladies except for one dude carrying a large slab of meat. It was definitely my vibe.

Luna Cafe table

The Food…

We were seated at the corner of a communal wooden table next to a cabinet full of coffee that was partially supported by a bowling pin. There was nothing vegan on the menu but the lovely waitress quickly reassured me that any of their wraps could be made vegan. The wraps made up the better of part of the menu. I ordered the wild mushroom. A few minutes later the cook walked out from behind the counter and asked me what vegetables I liked. She added in roasted red pepper, eggplant and red onion. It was super yummy! I could have gone for something a bit bigger but was happy with the meal as well as the service.

Luna Cafe wild mushroom wrap Luna Cafe benny Luna Cafe wild mushroom wrap

Definitely pay Luna Café a visit Toronto. See you next weekend 😉

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