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Cashew Nut Oat Bars

Annnnnnnd we’re back. So you might have noticed I haven’t posted anything for about month. Will and I have been camping in the Australian outback and trekking through the rain forest. I did have grand plans to keep up with posting while I was away but that obviously didn’t happen. Let’s pick up where we left off.

Emma’s Snack Bar

Will and I have never eaten in the restaurant because the temptation to enjoy take-away in the comfort of our own home cannot be overcome. We always order two veggie boxes packed with felafel, homous, garlic potato and our favourite- the kale salad.

miso popcorn

Sesame Miso Popcorn

I adapted this recipe created by the lovely ladies of Dinner was Delicious. My version of this tasty snack is vegan friendly and has been tweaked a little just because of the ingredients I had on hand. I recommend whipping up a batch of this stuff for your next movie night. It’s the perfect sweet and salty snack.