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The Common Guelph

The Common in Guelph

Last month, some friends and I took a trip to Guelph for Kazoo Fest. I had never been to this unassuming riverside town. It definitely wasn’t on my radar and I must admit that my expectations were low. Turns out Guelph possesses its fair share of small town charm. Highlights included lazing by the water, The Cornerstone, live music, a print-makers market and The Common.


Doughnuts in Newtown

Yet another business has succeeded in corrupting the healthy plant-based diet with amazingly delicious plant-based junk food. This morning, Will and I walked up King Street to check out Doughnut Time— a little hole-in-the-wall hipster doughnut chain as Will aptly describes it. I’ve walked by this place a million times and there is always a queue of people drooling over the colourful-glazed delights in the display case. I never thought about trying it myself. I figured they wouldn’t have any vegan options. Not true.