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strawberry overnight oats

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Well, it’s been way, way too long since I’ve come to this space. Hopefully, I can make up for it with these strawberry overnight oats. They make for a delicious, simple and healthy breakfast. I find they are especially good for those of us who just need to grab breakfast and get out the door. With all my different jobs and projects it’s nearly impossible to cook a big breakfast every morning. Making something ahead of time prevents me from stopping at the local vegan bakery and eating brownies at 8am.

chia pudding

Two Ingredient Coconut Chia Pudding

I got really into making chia pudding when I first went vegan. The magical transformation that takes place when you soak those little seeds was fascinating to me. At a certain point I learned that basil seeds gel when you soak them as well. I was stoked about that. Then I just kind of forgot about chia seeds. The novelty wore off I suppose.

Warming Winter Bowls with Maple Tahini Sauce

It’s officially getting cold and dark. Over the last week or so I suddenly feel the need to carb-load like I’m about to run a marathon. I swear my calorie intake is enough to support a body-builder. Yesterday, a friend was kind enough to justify my new found eating habits with the change in light. Apparently, we crave carbs when we get less sunlight. My body is going into full-blown hibernation mode! Hence, the warming winter bowls.

soy tofu scramble

In Defence of Soy: Pesto Tofu Scramble

Speaking of which, I haven’t always been a fan of a soy. There was definitely a time where all the news reports and soy gossip freaked me out. It seems like a study on the healthful and or harmful effects of soy has been published every other day since I was born. According to CNN, the soy debate has been going on since the 1940’s!

tomatoes eggplant spaghetti

Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Spaghetti

This roasted tomato and eggplant spaghetti is the perfect meal for a cool or rainy summer night when you’re not trying to beat the heat with a cold supper. Toronto’s disgusting heat kicked in for a few days two weeks ago and I was glad to have some rain. It’s good for the garden and cools down my sweltering house. I served this for dinner on a drizzly evening while a friend was visiting from out of town. It can be a simple one-pot meal that you cook ahead and eat throughout the week or you can dress it up with some garlic bread and salad — which is what I did. 

I adapted the recipe from The First Mess Cookbook by Laura Wright. The original recipe is entitled “Eggplant Bolognese Pasta”. In my recipe, I added some red wine and opted for roasted tomatoes rather than canned. I love taking advantage of the beautiful, cheap vegetables at the markets near my home in Toronto. Both tomatoes and eggplants are in season from approximately July-October. Rather than doing dried chili to spice things up I used chili oil because I had some on hand. It makes the dish that much more decadent. Finally, I added a pinch of rosemary out of habit. 

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the everyday ayurvedic cookbook

Review: The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook peaked my interest because of the word “ayurveda”. It’s a word I’ve heard fashionistas use in Queen Street boutiques. My yoga teacher may have mentioned the concept in conversation. I definitely heard it once on a Rich Roll podcast. But I never explored further. It sounded too complicated.

squash noodle bowl

Squash Noodle Bowl for the Starving Artist

Welcome to March. That point in the winter when you wonder why you have chosen to relocate to a frozen tundra when you lived in Sydney, Australia not six months ago. While it is true that I miss the fine weather and the white-sand beaches I could never sacrifice the community I current have here in Toronto for a sun-tan.

Garlic for Yeast Infections

Last night before bed I inserted a clove of garlic into my vagina. It’s kind of a long story.

One of the main reasons I started this blog is because I believe food is medicine. Over time, Western culture in particular has lost touch with this fundamental idea. Everyday, we put all kinds of things into our bodies without considering the consequences (positive or negative). One of these things is medication and one of these things is food. I know a lot of people who take pills for various reasons and I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to medication. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner of any kind. If your doctor prescribes you a medication I believe you should take their professional opinion into consideration. Above all, you should always listen to your body. If you’re currently on medication and it feels right for you then that’s great! However, if you are taking pills for a chronic health issue and you’re not entirely happy with the results then I encourage you to think more about your food.

Plant foods are a wonderful source of healing and have many medicinal properties that can be used in combination with Western medicine or simply on their own. Take garlic, for example, it has been known to ward off the common cold, decrease your risk of colon cancer and treat fungal infections— which brings us back to my vagina.