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Thoughts on the Farmers Market

I love going to the farmers market. Something about the fresh flowers, the aroma of coffee and pastries, the milling and the chatter, the dogs sitting at their owners’ feet while they wait expectantly for a treat, it makes me feel hopeful. My imagination runs wild when lost among the vegetable stands and mess of people. I begin to filter through memories of Thanksgivings past and long forgotten rainy days resolved with warming bowls of soup. In my mind’s eye, I conceive of meals for my future children. I envision cast iron skillets, dried herbs hanging from the rafters, friends coming round to drop-off fresh bread or stop-in for a cup of tea. The market transports me to a time which, for the most part, no longer exists.

Review: Taste of Tomorrow

The book essentially describes a series of adventures, taken by Schonwald, into the depths of the food system with a view to uncover the next big green, the upside of GMO’d food, the potential for synthetic steaks, a replacement for salmon, the next trending ethnic food and finally the end of food altogether.