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apple amaranth porridge

Apple Amaranth Porridge

This simple porridge was a staple this week. Sometimes it was the only thing I ate all day that didn’t come out of plastic packaging inscribed with the word “Instant”. Maybe it’ll help you maintain your healthy morning routine? It’s pretty quick to make and you know what they say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Blueberry Nice Cream

Lately, I’ve been eating copious amounts of nice cream for breakfast. Each morning, I dump half a bag of frozen fruit with a dash of coconut milk into my blender and loudly pulverize it until the mixture transforms into a creamy, beautiful sorbet. I like the name nice cream because I feel as though I’m being kind to my body when I eat this delicious, healthy alternative to ice cream. I think, however, this frozen dessert sometimes goes by its aforementioned moniker because it’s considered a cruelty-free alternative to ice cream. Other food bloggers, such as This Rawsome Vegan Life, have already identified this sort of labeling as problematic but I think it’s worth reiterating.