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The Grower – Kaycee Simuong

I met small-scale grower Kaycee Simuong when she was on exchange at my university several years before she got into farming. We went to a Canucks game with some friends and saw one another at the occasional party. Needless to say, I did not think she would pursue farming as a career. I didn’t think anyone I knew would pursue farming as a career. Years later, I have come to know this strong, intelligent woman much better and farming seems like a good fit.

Camping in Queensland Pt. 1

Six weeks. A bundle of summer clothes. Good hiking boots and more rolled oats than any one person should consume in their lifetime. If you look into driving North from New South Wales up through Queensland any given travel guide will insist you visit Cape York. For many people in Australia, going all the way to the tip via the Old Coach Road is the final frontier- the adventure to top all adventures. While it certainly comes highly recommended, especially if you have the right vehicle, the experience sounds a touch overrated. Over the years, Cape York has become one of those coveted tourist destinations that travelers seek out for its “authenticity”. This has only led to over-development and crowded campsites during school holidays. We decided not to go. That being said, there are a number of beautiful places to visit along the way.