Review: The Happy Vegan

happy vegan

For a book entitled “The Happy Vegan” Russel Simmons sure preaches a lot of hell fire and brimstone. This short guide to “living a long, healthy and successful life” was a series of terrifying, albeit accurate quotes by other researchers, writers, scientists, etc. compiled by Simmons and topped off with a few celebrity name drops. In all fairness, Simmons did his research. There are plenty of interesting facts and figures in the first few sections alone that may shock you out of your meat-eating ways or bring out the angry vegan within.

If you decide to delve deeper, you can read about how much money Simmons has or how flattered he was when PETA gave him such and such an award or how people thought he was the reason “Bey and Jay” did their 22-day vegan challenge. Honestly, this book has an audience somewhere but that audience is not me. I feel compelled to note that I did not pay for this vapid piece of text. It was a gift. If you enjoy reading tabloids you will love this book. Otherwise, look forward to some reviews of better books coming to the blog soon!

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