Review: Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen

If someone gave me Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen when I was a fresh faced nineteen year-old, off to university and bursting with idealism I would’ve become vegan much sooner. This cookbook is great for someone who is looking for simple recipes with a home-cooked, American feel (aka: your health conscious, college bound offspring). In her introduction, Kathy Patalsky focuses heavily on the benefits of becoming vegan. I found her anecdotes and quick asides a bit too “glowing-hippie-from-California” at times but most people who pick up a cookbook aren’t looking for a Pulitzer Prize winning narrative. It’s the food that counts.

tomato soup

My bowl of Rainy Day Tomato Soup

Initial Impression

There are over two-hundred and twenty recipes in Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen. This leaves little room for photos. Personally, I prefer a cookbook with far fewer recipes and high-quality images. Pictures inspire me to go the extra mile in the kitchen. The photos that are featured in the cookbook are basic with minimal food-styling. This actually suits the recipes as they’re all pretty straightforward. Also, every recipe comes with nutritional information at the bottom of the page.


My bowl of Smokey Paprika Green Bean Salad with Candied Walnuts

The Recipes

The recipes I tried included; coconut oil blueberry muffins (76), turmeric hemp white bean burgers (117), smokey paprika green bean salad with candied walnuts (170), creamy cashew pot-pie (218) and rainy day tomato soup (258). My two favourite recipes were the green bean salad and cashew pot-pie. Unfortunately, the blueberry muffin recipe could not cure me of my ineptitude when it comes to baking. I found it hard to follow and my muffins came out tasting really bitter. The cashew pot-pie was also an involved recipe but unlike the muffins it turned out beautifully. The cream sauce was amazing! As for the green bean salad, I plan on making it for my next Thanksgiving dinner.

Final Thoughts

Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen is great for people interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or at the very least keen to experiment with plant-based cooking. There are lots of helpful how-to’s and familiar classics, such as mac and cheese, that have been veganized. With so many recipes you’re bound to find something you like!

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