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Non-Dairy Spread – A Love Story

non-dairy spread on sesame

The first thing I did upon Will’s return was hop in an uber with him and take him straight to Kettleman’s Bagels in the Glebe, Ottawa. I had a sesame bagel with non-dairy spread. He had the vegetarian. That was my order in high school. That spicy eggplant rocked my world. Not to mention those amazing pickles!

Kettleman’s Bagels may look super swanky now but it’s still the same old shop. I’ve been going there since I was about fourteen years-old. The bagels are still chewy and delicious just how I remember them. Eating there brought back so many memories.

I remember going there after prom and walking home at 5am, down the middle of the street in my prom dress, stuffing my face with a pizza bagel. I remember Kettleman’s being the gathering spot for my drunken teenaged friends. We would grab a late-night sandwich together on our way home from parties. The people working the night shift probably hated us. I also remember one of my best friend’s always having a bag of frozen bagels in the freezer at her place. A toasted bagel in the morning before school was my jam. There was no Kettleman’s near my end of town so it was always a treat to stay at her place.

the vegetarian bagel

Anyways, I’m clearly in love with the place and I encourage you to go there. Grab a dozen bagels to go or sit and have a bagel sammy with a friend — you won’t regret it. I strongly recommend the sesame bagel with non-dairy spread for all you vegans and lactose intolerant people. Bon appétit!

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