Marrickville Market

Since moving to Sydney, Will and I have established a new Sunday morning routine. We take our time waking up. We chat in bed about the week to come or how terribly we slept because the city is an oven. Once out of bed, we putter about the apartment gathering spare change, brushing teeth and quickly checking emails. I usually scrawl out a grocery list or a few recipes on scrap only to shove them in my pocket and never look at them again. Will usually does something useful. He closes the windows if it looks like rain or turns off the bathroom light. When I have finally located my shoes or keys or phone or whatever it is I’m looking for and Will is satisfied that we are not wasting electricity or risking a flood in the dining room we head to the market!

market stand

About the Market

We live within walking distance from one of the best markets in Sydney’s Inner West. If you haven’t been to Marrickville Markets I highly recommend checking it out. There is parking for $3 if you drive there but lots of people ride their bikes or walk, which is a nice way to slow down your Sunday and get some fresh air. Besides, the parking lot fills up pretty quickly.

The majority of the stallholders sell fresh organic produce or take-away foods like handmade pasta, dumplings, fritters and more. There are a few clothing stalls, second-hand book merchants and the guy who makes cutting boards. I am fairly certain there was a lady hawking snake oil today as well.

market flowers

My Fave Stalls

My favourite stalls include: the mushroom ladies (they are so nice and sell the most beautiful mushies), the olive stand near the back of the markets (get some smoked kalamatas) and the women who sell plums (their plums are literally the best deal at the whole market). If you’re entertaining I suggest picking up some beautiful flowers to adorn your table. I generally just admire the blooms. I look forward to the day when I’m wealthy enough to throw a dinner party.

market flowers

Why is this important?

Remember it is important to support your local market if that is an option for you. Going to the market is a nice way to learn more about where your food comes from and how it is grown. By purchasing at markets you reduce your carbon footprint because you generally aren’t buying produce that was shipped halfway across the planet for your convenience. If you ride your bike or walk there even better! Markets are a great place to find organic, pesticide-free, seasonal produce that you can feel good about eating. Not to mention, going to the market is a fun outing. You might find an amazing deal on plums or enjoy a delicious breakfast with loved ones, which makes it worth the trip.

market olives



  1. Joyce Hamelin says

    The blooms are gorgeous. I often wish I could be less rigid about spending money on beautiful, fresh flowers. I find them delicious to look at, decadent to smell, soft to touch and just overall wonderful. However, I often feel it is a luxury. I think, in 2016, I will challenge myself to indulge a little more, just every now and then. I”m going to add a fresh bouquet to a table in my house once every 2-3 months. Then I can tell people that I do, indeed, stop and smell the roses. The produce looks so fresh and crisp. When I see it like that, I want to find my local market, which of course we will. I think we’ll be finding a few local farms as opposed to markets and buy from their end of lane way stalls. We might even have the children sell some fresh apples from our small orchard this year. We’ll set them up with a little table and small baskets. I’m looking forward to using only local and fresh produce at the Kinburn Cookhouse. I’m sure Chef Guy will come up with many delicious, culinary delights made with local, fresh produce. You are an inspiration.

    • Jocelyne Lamarche says

      An apple stand sounds like the cutest most amazing thing ever. Can I sell apples in the summer?

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