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Cinnamon Bun at Bunner’s Bakeshop

cinnamon bun

I’ve spent a lot of time in Kensington Market lately. It’s one of my favourite spots in Toronto. This might have something to do with the high concentration of vegan food options. My last stop was Blackbird Baking Co. More recently, I conquered Bunner’s Bakeshop. I always frequent an establishment at least three times before I feel qualified to write about it. On my last visit, I had a cinnamon bun. I don’t think I’ve had one of these since going on a vegan diet. It was pretty amazing.

Bunner’s is located on Augusta right next to NuBagel. Their cinnamon buns are the only thing that really tickles my fancy. Of course, I haven’t sampled every product in the display case — they offer a wide array of vegan baked goods. However, the pizza muffin I grabbed as a snack once tasted like a bucket of salt and their cupcakes aren’t great.

cinnamon bun cinnamon bun

They have a light pink sign out front and usually a sandwich board advertising featured products. The place is simple and not overly pretentious, which is important. There is nothing worse than a cool cafe worker or bartender who stares blankly in the other direction for several minutes, concentrating on lowering their self-importance to an appropriate level, before serving you. Bunner’s staff are sweet as pie. They kindly allowed me to photograph their shop on a busy day without giving me the “please get out” look once.

Anyways, I recommend giving this place try if you’re in the mood for a little cinnamon bun action. If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends via the buttons below. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram for fresh ideas on recipes, places to eat and more.

cinnamon bun