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chickpea magazine

who should read it

Anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should check this out for recipes, travel guides and more. Their content is 100% vegan. Also, if you’re omnivorous chickpea magazine is still pretty cool. I bet you’d like it.


I love Chickpea’s aesthetic. The best part of the magazine is the gorgeous matte photos that go along with the yummy recipes or articles. It’s also ad-free. I don’t know if they do sponsored content or not. I assume that would be considered advertising.

chickpea magazine 


I received this particular issue of Chickpea Magazine as a birthday gift awhile ago. Shockingly, I’d never heard of the publication. Print can be a bit of a luxury these days. I must admit I haven’t purchased any Chickpea issues since that time but I’ve started following them online. They’ve got a pretty blog and you can find them on social media. Their content is written by people from all over the world. Anyone can submit regardless of their skill-level. You can find their huge list of contributors on their website with links to their websites. If you’re a resident of Toronto you can often find copies of this mag at Good Egg in Kensington Market.

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