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Newtown Pies

The night I discovered Newtown Pies it was New Years. We had been drinking and Will was desperate for a snack. I was disappointed because I would have to settle for hot chips and I wasn’t in the mood. Then, the menu came into focus and it was love at first sight. More than one vegan option. All my dreams had come true.

Emma’s Snack Bar

Will and I have never eaten in the restaurant because the temptation to enjoy take-away in the comfort of our own home cannot be overcome. We always order two veggie boxes packed with felafel, homous, garlic potato and our favourite- the kale salad.

Brooklyn Hide Bagels

Brooklyn Hide Bagels

If you are wondering where I got the bagels for my vegan lox recipe then look no further. Tucked away down a little side street, right near Central Station, so you can pick up a bagel on your morning commute, Brooklyn Hide is the place to go if you’re on the hunt for some New York style bagels in Sydney.


Doughnuts in Newtown

Yet another business has succeeded in corrupting the healthy plant-based diet with amazingly delicious plant-based junk food. This morning, Will and I walked up King Street to check out Doughnut Time— a little hole-in-the-wall hipster doughnut chain as Will aptly describes it. I’ve walked by this place a million times and there is always a queue of people drooling over the colourful-glazed delights in the display case. I never thought about trying it myself. I figured they wouldn’t have any vegan options. Not true.

Ms. G’s at Potts Point

Perhaps, our most delicious meal (although it is debatable that homemade tofu in nut butter was better) took place in the late afternoon at Ms. G’s in Pott’s Point. This place looks kind of small and unassuming from the outside but it opens up to a four-level dining space with a sunny upper-floor that feels like a greenhouse. The servers were super friendly and accommodating when it came to our long list of dietary needs and the communal table upstairs actually sparked a funny conversation. How often does that happen?

sydney vegan fest 2016

Sydney Vegan Fest 2016

Last weekend, was Sydney Vegan Fest 2016. This was my first vegan festival and I was super excited about going to an event where all the food was vegan! The pies from Funky Pies were delicious and I enjoyed a decadent dessert from Addiction Food. Also, I got some tea samples from Life of Cha. I’m hoping to incorporate some of their vibrant, beautiful brews into a recipe or two this month.

Marrickville Market

Going to the market is a nice way to learn more about where your food comes from and how it is grown. By purchasing at markets you reduce your carbon footprint because you generally aren’t buying produce that was shipped halfway across the planet for your convenience.