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autumnal breakfast options

Autumnal Breakfast Options

Fall is here! As such, my bestie, roommate and ofttimes collaborator got super excited about making an autumnal breakfast. In fact, we were so excited about the arrival pumpkin spice and orange coloured foods that we designed two beautiful breakfast options for you.

Firstly, we have the hearty pumpkin spice bowl by Grace Doyle. This bowl tastes like pumpkin pie for breakfast. It is way too delicious. The raw oats, crunch seeds, nut butter and dried berries will give you lots of energy for a busy fall day. It also takes about one minute make so if you’re student in search of a healthy, quick autumnal breakfast, this will do the trick.

Secondly, we have my whole wheat pumpkin pancakes with orange zest. These are also fairly hearty because they’re made with oat milk and pumpkin. Most of all, they will keep you feeling full and satisfy your morning sweet tooth. They are delicious served with nuts, seeds, coconut, maple syrup or coconut whipped cream. Toppings are basically the best part of pancakes so don’t hold back.

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giant no-bake peanut butter cups

Giant No-Bake Peanut Butter Cups

One evening, a few weeks ago, my bestie and I felt like baking ourselves a treat. So we went in search of a simple baking recipe that even the most incompetent of bakers could follow. Baking is not our forte due to lack of precision on our parts. During our search, we came across Detoxinista’s No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Bars and decided to give them a try.

Heirloom Tomato Fennel Salad

One of my least favourite things to do is telling people I am vegan. After all, I can usually count on a bowl of hummus or a coincidentally vegan dish, like an heirloom tomato fennel salad, presenting itself at most social events that involve food. Sometimes I bring my own dish if I know the meal will be meat-centered or if the host will feel embarrassed if they have little to offer me.

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea with Lemon & Thyme

This raspberry mint iced tea is much better after sitting in the fridge overnight to let all the flavours bloom. I poured myself a glass about ten minutes after preparing it and it was slightly tart with very subtle undertones of mint and thyme. The following day, however, you could really taste the mint, raspberry and thyme. Some of the sweetness from the fruit seemed to seep in overnight as well. You could easily turn this drink into a killer cocktail with a splash of rum. It could also be good in slushie format on a really hot day. Rather than allowing the raspberries to thaw in the jug you could blend everything up with some ice. That may water down the flavour though so use strong tea and plenty of raspberries.

In any case, time is running out for cool refreshing beverages. So make a delicious jug of iced tea and run to your back deck or porch to soak up those last rays of sunshine. Fall is almost upon us. Cannot wait to make a million pumpkin flavoured foods! I whipped up some beautiful pancakes that I cannot wait to share with you guys. In the meantime, like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram @diningtoknow to keep up with my cooking. Happy Labour Day Weekend!

Autumn Sweet Potato Stew

This sweet potato stew is one of the many vegan dishes I whipped up at the cottage last week. Every year, my family rents a cottage in the little town of Westport. I have been away for the past few years and therefore have not had the opportunity to go. While it was certainly a lot of time with the little kids, it was also a time to relax, unwind and come up with some new recipes. This hardy stew is definitely a keeper with autumn right around the corner.

Cashew Nut Oat Bars

Annnnnnnd we’re back. So you might have noticed I haven’t posted anything for about month. Will and I have been camping in the Australian outback and trekking through the rain forest. I did have grand plans to keep up with posting while I was away but that obviously didn’t happen. Let’s pick up where we left off.

pumpkin curry

Leftover Love: Roast Pumpkin Curry

This recipe is the result of my weekly fridge clean-out. I was partly inspired by the pumpkin curry I had last weekend at the markets and lucky enough to have a bunch of leftover vegetables on hand. My measurements are not precise because I was cooking with leftovers so use the recipe below as a basic guide and clean out whatever happens to be in your fridge. While your pumpkin curry is simmering check out my top ten tips for reducing food waste.

apple amaranth porridge

Apple Amaranth Porridge

This simple porridge was a staple this week. Sometimes it was the only thing I ate all day that didn’t come out of plastic packaging inscribed with the word “Instant”. Maybe it’ll help you maintain your healthy morning routine? It’s pretty quick to make and you know what they say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

miso popcorn

Sesame Miso Popcorn

I adapted this recipe created by the lovely ladies of Dinner was Delicious. My version of this tasty snack is vegan friendly and has been tweaked a little just because of the ingredients I had on hand. I recommend whipping up a batch of this stuff for your next movie night. It’s the perfect sweet and salty snack.