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chickpea magazine

Chickpea Magazine

Anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should check this out for recipes, travel guides and more. Their content is 100% vegan. Also, if you’re omnivorous chickpea magazine is still pretty cool. I bet you’d like it. 

the everyday ayurvedic cookbook

Review: The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook peaked my interest because of the word “ayurveda”. It’s a word I’ve heard fashionistas use in Queen Street boutiques. My yoga teacher may have mentioned the concept in conversation. I definitely heard it once on a Rich Roll podcast. But I never explored further. It sounded too complicated.

Review: The End of Food

The End of Food by Paul Roberts feels a little like reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Clearly, there are plenty of dissimilarities between a heavily researched, non-fiction account of the food system and a Christmas-themed ghost story set in 19th century London. Yet, the comparison is accurate insofar as the two books share similar themes; their narratives revolve around greed, hunger, death and whether or not a single human being’s desire to change for the greater good will indeed do any good at all.

Rawsome Blog Inspiration

I absolutely love Emily Von Euw’s This Rawsome Vegan Life. Her recipes are simple and amazingly delicious! I made some rawsome vegan granola bars this weekend to take on our upcoming camping trip. I don’t know how they’ll fare in the cooler or if they’ll get too crumbly. In any case, I’m going to post my adaptation of her recipe soon but in the meantime check out the original. Emily’s indulgent desserts keep me coming back again and again. Love yourself, eat chocolate, wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s pretty much Rawsome Vegan Life in a nutshell. Go support this lovely lady’s work!

Review: Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen

This cookbook would be great for people interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or at the very least keen to experiment with plant-based cooking. There are lots of helpful how-to’s and familiar classics, such as mac and cheese, that have been veganized. With so many recipes you’re bound to find something you like!

happy vegan

Review: The Happy Vegan

Honestly, this book has an audience somewhere but that audience is not me. If you enjoy reading tabloids you will love this book. Otherwise, look forward to some reviews of much better books coming soon to the blog!

Baking and Oh Ladycakes!

If you want the recipe for the best vegan chocolate chip cookies ever look no further. Ashlae of Oh Ladycakes has got you covered. She also has you covered when it comes to vegan baking in general. Not to mention, she writes super detailed travel guides.

Review: Taste of Tomorrow

The book essentially describes a series of adventures, taken by Schonwald, into the depths of the food system with a view to uncover the next big green, the upside of GMO’d food, the potential for synthetic steaks, a replacement for salmon, the next trending ethnic food and finally the end of food altogether.


Reading something like Kinfolk seemed to be an activity specifically reserved for hipsters who bought matte covered publications in order to boost their credibility as bona fide cool people. I did not think anything of real substance was printed on those perfectly crisp pages. Sorry, Kinfolk. I misjudged you.