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strawberry overnight oats

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Well, it’s been way, way too long since I’ve come to this space. Hopefully, I can make up for it with these strawberry overnight oats. They make for a delicious, simple and healthy breakfast. I find they are especially good for those of us who just need to grab breakfast and get out the door. With all my different jobs and projects it’s nearly impossible to cook a big breakfast every morning. Making something ahead of time prevents me from stopping at the local vegan bakery and eating brownies at 8am.

Lately, I haven’t been cooking at home as much. Will and I have relocated quite a few times since coming back to Canada and we’re about to do it again. Constantly sharing the kitchen space or finding myself in someone else’s kitchen altogether makes it difficult to build-up a pantry of staple ingredients. Not to mention my beloved kitchen tools are in storage. I also avoid anything too labour intensive for fear of monopolizing the space. As you can imagine, photographing meals is almost certainly out of the question. In any case, I have missed sharing my recipes with all of you over the last couple months. These strawberry overnight oats were something I photographed back in Australia but the recipe stands the test of time. You can’t really go wrong with overnight oats!

strawberry overnight oats

strawberry overnight oats

In the coming months, I am going to be working on a theatre project, entitled Emily and EV, to be featured in Storefront’s Feminist Fuck It Fest in Toronto on April 18th.  Which means lots of rehearsal hours that hopefully do not result in chips and chocolate for dinner. Staying healthy as an artist can be hard; especially when we want to put all our time and energy into our projects. This sometimes makes self-care feel like a waste. But that’s how burn out happens! So maybe if I blog my simple recipes I’ll have more motivation to stay on track.

Even though the project is in development and it’s one small step for me as an artist I am  excited to share it with others. Through movement, evocative prose and mystical imagery Emily and EV is a deep dive into the divine feminine which tells the story of one woman’s complex relationship with her vagina. If you live in the city do come and see it!

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Strawberry Overnight Oats


  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 2.5 cups sweetened almond milk (plus a little extra for pouring)
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 1 punnet sliced strawberries


  1. Combine oats, milk, vanilla in a large bowl or container. You can also divide them into 4 individual portions in jars or smaller containers.
  2. Let soak overnight in fridge.
  3. Serve topped with strawberries and whatever else you might fancy!

Optional Toppings: coconut flakes, chia or flax seed, agave, chopped almonds, etc.




rosemary olive tart

Olive & Rosemary Tart

This olive and rosemary tart is a little out of season for this time of year. It’s something I made way back when I was living in Australia. After such a grey day, however, we could use a little ray of sunshine. In any case, if you pair this with a nice glass of full bodied red it makes for a great appetizer or sharing food at a holiday gathering. I also love the way olives taste after being warmed in the oven.

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Two Ingredient Coconut Chia Pudding

I got really into making chia pudding when I first went vegan. The magical transformation that took place when I soaked those little seeds was fascinating to me. At a certain point, I learned that basil seeds also gel when you soak them. I was stoked about that too. Then I just kind of forgot about seeds. The novelty wore off I suppose.

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Warming Winter Bowls with Maple Tahini Sauce

It’s officially getting cold and dark. Over the last week or so I suddenly feel the need to carb-load like I’m about to run a marathon. I swear my calorie intake is enough to support a body-builder. Yesterday, a friend was kind enough to justify my new found eating habits with the change in light. Apparently, we crave carbs when we get less sunlight. My body is going into full-blown hibernation mode! Hence, the warming winter bowls.

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Harissa Chickpea Pancakes

Harissa is another one of those food trends. You know the ones. This is how they work; the Western world spots a new flavour on the horizon and next thing you know Subway has a squirt-bottle full of the good stuff in which to drown your footlong. Not really. Not yet. You can, however, find harissa at Walmart.

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In Defence of Soy: Pesto Tofu Scramble

This amazing pesto tofu scramble feeds two if you feel like sharing and one if you’re super hungry — like I was this morning. Now that the weather is cooling down I need a hearty breakfast to get me going. If you’re not a fan of soy this would probably work just as well with partially smashed chickpeas.

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chickpea magazine

Chickpea Magazine

who should read it

Anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should check this out for recipes, travel guides and more. Their content is 100% vegan. Also, if you’re omnivorous chickpea magazine is still pretty cool. I bet you’d like it.

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Roasted Tomato and Zucchini Soup

Even though the Autumn Equinox is on September 22nd the summer is fading. The evenings are crisp and I’ve taken to wearing long socks around the house. This cool season of stretched light and encroaching winter is my favourite time of year. It’s a shadow of what has passed under the summer sun and what will be under the winter moon. The time has come to make soup.

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tomatoes eggplant spaghetti

Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Spaghetti

This roasted tomato and eggplant spaghetti is the perfect meal for a cool or rainy summer night when you’re not trying to beat the heat with a cold supper. Toronto’s disgusting heat kicked in for a few days two weeks ago and I was glad to have some rain. It’s good for the garden and cools down a sweltering house. I served this for dinner on a drizzly evening while a friend was visiting from out of town. It can be a simple one-pot meal that you cook ahead and eat throughout the week or you can dress it up with some garlic bread and salad — which is what I did.

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