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Best Vegan Donut in Town

vegan donut

I recently decided to go on a hunt for the best vegan donut in Toronto. Other foodie magazines, vegan blogs and culinary writers are always going on “a mission for the best (insert food here)”. Why shouldn’t I? Well, probably because a hunt involves going to more than one location. There is sampling involved, comparisons drawn, contenders cast aside and from the pile of crumpled up review notes on napkins, emerges a victor, one food to rule them all.

My hunt for the best donut started at Bloomer’s and it ended at Bloomer’s. I don’t want to try another donut. There is none better than the pistachio-rose donut at that unassuming, yet charming, vegan café on Bloor Street. In fact, the Bloomer’s people are so in love with their recipe that even their bagels taste like donuts.

Should you find yourself craving a vegan donut that’s fluffy like a pillow but dense enough to be chewy and coated in a magical, subtly sweet glaze then look no further. Why go on a hunt when you already know what you like?

vegan donut

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