Baking and Oh Ladycakes!

If you want the recipe for the best vegan chocolate chip cookies ever look no further. Ashlae of Oh Ladycakes has got you covered. She also has you covered when it comes to vegan baking in general. Not to mention, she writes super detailed travel guides.

I must admit when I discovered Oh Ladycakes I was definitely skeptical of vegan baked goods. My chief complaint was that the texture was always wrong. Cupcakes were dense and dry instead of light and fluffy. Icing wasn’t creamy enough. Cakes were too crumbly. Worst of all, vegan cookies weren’t chewy. I should probably mention I’m terrible at following a recipe. Cooking is an art. Baking is a science. I’m not good at science. That being said, the vegan baked goods that other people fed me were usually disappointing as well.

Then, one day, I came across Oh Ladycakes. I was originally attracted to the blog because Ashlae’s writing is personable and funny. Her travel stories are awesome and I admire her beautiful photography. I was not, however, about to do anything silly like attempt to bake a cake without eggs.

Until she posted an insanely complicated ravioli recipe. I love pasta. I will not say no to pasta. Even if said pasta involves absolutely no cheese or eggs. I could not resist trying the recipe. Although it was time consuming and I was lacking one of those handy ravioli stamps it turned out perfectly. Will’s parents loved it! They were amazed that a vegan recipe could taste so creamy and delicious. I should mention that her recipes are neverĀ as involved as that ravioli recipe. Generally, you only require a few dishes and some basic ingredients.

From that point forward, I trusted that Oh Ladycakes would not lead me astray. I got hooked because the texture is right, the recipes are simple and the chickens are happy. Some of my favourites from Oh Ladycakes include no-bake maple macaroons, double chocolate chip cookies and lazy girl peanut butter cookies. Obviously, I’m a big fan of cookies.

Currently, I follow a plant-based diet and do all of my baking without the use of animal products. Oh Ladycakes was one of the first blogs that inspired me to do so. I highly recommend adding this blog to your reading list and trying some of the recipes regardless of your dietary choices. There are also plenty of gluten-free and raw options to be found. Hope you enjoy!