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The Blog

Dining to Know is a space for nourishing, creative recipes and food-based learning. You will not find any meat, butter or cheese here. What you will find is a variety of resources regarding healthy eating and food literacy as well as kitchen stories from all over the world.

This space is about learning how to navigate our complex food system, understanding the significance of what we consume and loving ourselves along the way.

The Writer

Hi, I’m Jocelyne. The writer, cook and fledgling food photographer behind Dining to Know. I recently moved back to my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. I love eating, traveling, cooking, reading, running, hiking, theatre and writing. There are about fifteen notebooks stashed around my living space at all times; I’m a compulsive list maker. I always bring too much food on camping trips. I am learning how to knit. Hot yoga is not my thing and I drink a smoothie pretty much every single day.

Cooking became a passion for me at age fourteen when I transitioned to a vegetarian diet and my French-Canadian father, who happens to be a chef, asked me if I could still eat ham. I started preparing my own meals and discovered I had a profound love for all things culinary. I recently became more interested in how my food ends up on my plate so I started a blog.