Month: June 2016

Rawsome Blog Inspiration

I absolutely love Emily Von Euw’s This Rawsome Vegan Life. Her recipes are simple and amazingly delicious! I made some rawsome vegan granola bars this weekend to take on our upcoming camping trip. I don’t know how they’ll fare in the cooler or if they’ll get too crumbly. In any case, I’m going to post my adaptation of her recipe soon but in the meantime check out the original. Emily’s indulgent desserts keep me coming back again and again. Love yourself, eat chocolate, wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s pretty much Rawsome Vegan Life in a nutshell. Go support this lovely lady’s work!

Newtown Pies

The night I discovered Newtown Pies it was New Years. We had been drinking and Will was desperate for a snack. I was disappointed because I would have to settle for hot chips and I wasn’t in the mood. Then, the menu came into focus and it was love at first sight. More than one vegan option. All my dreams had come true.

pumpkin curry

Leftover Love: Roast Pumpkin Curry

This recipe is the result of my weekly fridge clean-out. I was partly inspired by the pumpkin curry I had last weekend at the markets and lucky enough to have a bunch of leftover vegetables on hand. My measurements are not precise because I was cooking with leftovers so use the recipe below as a basic guide and clean out whatever happens to be in your fridge. While your pumpkin curry is simmering check out my top ten tips for reducing food waste.

Emma’s Snack Bar

Will and I have never eaten in the restaurant because the temptation to enjoy take-away in the comfort of our own home cannot be overcome. We always order two veggie boxes packed with felafel, homous, garlic potato and our favourite- the kale salad.