Year: 2015

Labels: You Are What You Eat

We have all heard the age old expression: “You are what you eat”. Our body is constantly regenerating itself and our diet plays a major role in the outcome of the regeneration process. Our physical selves are literally made up of the food we consume whether that be chicken nuggets or kale. Yet, are we not more complex than our physical selves? If I eat chicken nuggets am I automatically less spiritual or more conservative or an expert on all things avian?

Cashew Salad with Coconut Dressing

Making a salad is kind of like doing arts and crafts at an after-school care centre. You take a bunch of random stuff out of the cupboard and throw it together to create something that will make your mum smile. She smiles when you glue a bunch of cardboard together and she smiles when you eat your greens.

Baking and Oh Ladycakes!

If you want the recipe for the best vegan chocolate chip cookies ever look no further. Ashlae of Oh Ladycakes has got you covered. She also has you covered when it comes to vegan baking in general. Not to mention, she writes super detailed travel guides.

Review: Taste of Tomorrow

The book essentially describes a series of adventures, taken by Schonwald, into the depths of the food system with a view to uncover the next big green, the upside of GMO’d food, the potential for synthetic steaks, a replacement for salmon, the next trending ethnic food and finally the end of food altogether.

Mint Choc-Chip Smoothie

I recently got over a terrible bout of pneumonia. It put me flat on my back for a week. I had to take time off from my new job and I was unable to perform in the theatre show I had been working on for a year. It was frustrating, painful and depressing.


Reading something like Kinfolk seemed to be an activity specifically reserved for hipsters who bought matte covered publications in order to boost their credibility as bona fide cool people. I did not think anything of real substance was printed on those perfectly crisp pages. Sorry, Kinfolk. I misjudged you.